Buy Facebook Likes

The ability to reach out to more consumers is a critical focus of every brand provider. Buy Facebook Likes from us to boost your target audience. With over 800 million global users and 50% of users logging in daily, Facebook provides the largest social media platform to spread brand awareness.

Do you need my password?

No! You should never release your password. We value your privacy and the privacy of all our clients

Are the fans or likes from real people?

We deliver real people that will like your fan page or web page. These Facebook users will be receiving your status updates, visiting your fan page or web page and potentially purchasing your products or services. Each time you post on your fan page wall it will show up on their page. This is the best way to oromote Facebook Fan Pages and to keep your Facebook Likes.

How many fans or likes will be added per day

When you Buy Facebook Likes, we add real and active Facebook fans to your Facebook fan or web page gradually over a number of days and weeks instead of all at once. We are able to add 200 to 1000 likes daily. We make the entire process as inconspicuous as possible because you get facebook likes are added in small bite size chunks, thus your fan count will appear as normal as possible.

What is the difference between targeted and non-targeted fans?

Targeted fans are from the US. Non-targeted fans are worldwide (global). When you Buy Facebook Likes, we deliver real and engaging Facebook Fans to help grow your brand awareness.

When will my likes be delivered?

For every client, we will map out a delivery time-frame based on how many Facebook Fans you want to acquire. When you Buy Facebook Likes we will keep you informed of your order until completion. The project will start in 24 – 48 hours after you buy Facebook Likes .

Advantages of Buying Facebook Likes

When you or your brand Buy Facebook Likes (Buy Facebook Fans), the typical cost is below .20 – .25 cents per non-targeted users, and .50 – .60 cents per US Targeted Facebook Fans. Both groups are real Facebook users, not fake Facebook accounts. Traditional CPC ad conversion campaigns are extremely costly ranging from $1.50 – $2.50 per click. When compared to acquiring real Facebook fan page Likes, the cost savings is clear. Even with less than 5% of leads generated from PPC online ads actually converting into new customers, the true cost for a qualified lead could easily exceed $5 – $8 per lead. Once you Buy Facebook Likes, those fans can become engaged by your brand month after month.

Buy Facebook Likes to gain potential customers. Buying Facebook Fans and Facebook Likes provide the most ROI driven Social Marketing solution for strategically influencing online Consumers to increase your brand’s conversion rate. Our Facebook Marketing offerings enable clients to get social marketing leverage on competitors by aggressively engaging in 24/7 strategic guerrilla Facebook marketing techniques and methodologies that are directly responsible for generating large weekly Facebook Likes. Our Facebook marketing campaigns have a proven track record of converting targeted Facebook Likes and non-targeted Facebook Likes into a low-cost and non-intrusive solution for local or regional lead generation. Buy Facebook Fans and Buy Facebook Likes today.